Always regard innovation as the basis for enterprise development, SHENZHEN BAO YE HENG CO., LTD founded in 1993 with registered capital of RMB 22 million, has focused on digital professional audio sound reinforcement systems R&D, manufacturing, sales and services.

Bao Ye Heng is one of the pioneers as well as a faithful practitioner in China professional audio industry. The founder of the company has engaged in the professional audio industry, and has always been focused on this area for more than 30 years since 1975.

The industry has given Bao Ye Heng numerous honors, and Bao Ye Heng are willing to take on the social responsibility, and to pay unremitting efforts. Now Bao Ye Heng has been the Director Member of China Entertainment Technology Association,China Audio Industry Association and China Recording Association, we are also the Vice president units of Industry Association of South China Entertainment Equipment.

"With good reputation to stand in the business for over 100 years" is Bao Ye Heng’s everlasting pursuit; "Quality for survival, innovation for development" is what Bao Ye Heng always adhere to the concept.

1479869846782389.jpgAs the holder of international trademark C-MARK, Bao Ye Heng has more strict standards and goals to its growth, and has been in the pursuit of higher, more advanced and more comprehensive development.

In the 21st century, Bao Ye Heng took the lead in passing the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification and QC080000 international standards of green certified production systems in the industry. Bao Ye Heng factories are equipped with the most advanced manufacturing facilities such as SMT, ATS, wave soldering machine strictly ad-hearing to all European and American testing standards. And the products have passed China CCC, European CE and RoHS certification.

Over the years, Bao Ye Heng always adhere to the scientific concept of development, and is committed to standing on the world's most cutting-edge audio technology, access to a number of national patents. Based on this, we provide our global customers and consumers with the most technologically advanced, most reliable, most cost-effective professional audio equipments.

1479869934246979.jpgBao Ye Heng has complete with full range of various products, from normal loudspeakers to large active line arrays; from conventional analog amplifier to the multi-channel high-power digital amplifier; from analog signal processing equipment to digital network signal transmission processing equipment; from 6 channel Mini mixer to 36 channel Super mixer; from handheld wired microphone to wireless microphone; from PA system to conference system, nearly a thousand kinds of products. Started the first of its kind in the industry in China, Bao Ye Heng can provide professional comprehensive solution for users of pro audio systems.

After more than ten years of steady development, Bao Ye Heng has stepped forward to a comprehensive high-tech field of digital audio. Bao Ye Heng has developed fully-digital audio amplifier and AUDIONET network platform products to fill the gaps in the industry; we ranked the forefront of the field of digital audio.

Bao Ye Heng digital amplifier features high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection concept, variety, excellent sound quality, safe and reliable. With dozens of models of DSP digital amplifier, mini digital amplifier, multi-channel digital amplifier, integrated network digital amplifier, Bao Ye Heng is making its contribution to save energy. 

1479870027783351.jpgAUDIONET network audio platform is based on network technology and the rapid development of IT technology, the creative grafting techniques of network transmission and audio processing tech, and the resolving of traditional pro audio transmission and processing into two modules of network audio transmitter and processor, have revolutionized the professional audio application mode. Not only powerful, but also the use of full compliance with international standards, with independent intellectual property rights RS1200 operating system, the bilingual interface, operation is very simple, cost-effective.

Bao Ye Heng firmly objects the old concept of simple sales to customers, but rather to seek and establish long-term win-win partnership.

With the wide acclaim of the business reputation of an internationally renowned brand and strong technical strength, Bao Ye Heng set up a worldwide marketing network. Bao Ye Heng currently has exported to more than 70 countries, such as the U.S., UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil etc with some OEM cooperations from renowned brands, while has more than 500 distributors throughout China Mainland.

1479870073304791.jpgBao Ye Heng products have been widely used in sports stadiums, theaters, indoor and outdoor entertainment, KTV rooms, and many large domestic and international video conferencing projects. Bao Ye Heng accomplishments include being the audio system used at Best off tour 2010 in Boskovicky beh in Czech Republic, Beijing Olympic Games tennis center (2008), Centro Cristiano Los Pinos Church in Cucuta Colombia (2007), China Aerospace Control Center(2001), China Central Television(2000), the Handover Ceremony of China- Macao(1999), China High & New Technology Exhibition(1998) etc. Bao Ye Heng is now established as a nationally recognized audio industry leader. [click Project news] 

You can easily find Bao Ye Heng at the world's famous audio exhibitions: USA NAMM show, ProLight+Sound Frankfurt Show, PALM Beijing expo, PALME Dubai Show, South-East Asia PALME show, PALME India, ProLight+Sound Shanghai Show, and London Plaza show, etc. [click Exhibition news]

Bao Ye Heng possess state-of-the-art international standard production facilities, giving not only capability but production innovation as well. Taking advantage of cost production in China, Bao Ye Heng supplies products of the highest quality and latest technical advancements with a competitive pricing edge. 

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