11th ASEM Summit go live with C-MARK

It is sunny and blossoming season in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in July. 


On July 15th, the 11th ASEM Summit (11th Asia-Europe Meeting hereby names ASEM11) opened in the capital of Republic of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar.


THE 11th ASIA-EUROPE MEETING SUMMIT officially commenced in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia at 09.00am in Shangri-La Hotel on Friday, July 15 of 2016.  Leaders of ASEM member countries including Prime Minister of PRC Mr.Li Keqiang, German Chancellor Ms. Angela Dorothea Merkel and other Countries’ Presidents, Heads, Foreign Ministers from 30 European and 21 Asian countries, and two intergovernmental organizations gathered together for the safety, partnership and development discussion— under an overall theme of: “20 Years of ASEM: Partnership for the Future through Connectivity”.



ASEM 11 Family Photo


 C-MARK installed in the main venue for the ASEM 11 in Shangri-La in Ulaanbaata 


To ensure the sound quality and high reliability, Chinese government as the equipment sponsor, undergo a rigorous selection and ultimately choose BAO YE HENG Company’s C-MARK network digital audio reinforcement system ( ) to support the live sound work of the main venue, branch meeting venue and Press center for the 11TH ASEM summit. 


German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaking at the ASEM summit


According to the site engineer of Bao Ye Heng Company who is responsible for the technique support of the sound equipment there, the main avenue and press center is located in the Shangri-La Hotel in Ulaanbaatar which is newly opened on June 3, and the branch venue is located in a Mongolian yurt on the outskirts of the grassland. Time is limited, and task is hard. But the digital network audio reinforcement system with C-MARK digital amplifiers and Audionet network platform,etc plays its advantages of conveninent  installation, smart operation and intelligent precise configuration. All tasks complete in few days, it ensures the uniform sound field, dedicate sound, accurate sound reproduction, strong performance as well as real-time reomote control. Its good and stable live performance has won the high praise from the organizers and participants of Mongolia and EU affairs officials.



The ASEM 11 branch avenue in Mongolian yurt on the outskirts of the grassland 


 The press center of the ASEM 11 




Mr. Peng Mingkun, the chief sound engineer providing on-site technical support.


The technique support team with Mongolia officiers

In recent years, Bao Ye Heng Company has committed to technological innovation, practicing new industry policy of Internet Plus and new mission of supply-side reforms with practical actions. C-MARK digital amplifier, C-MARK AudioNET platform, C-MARK digital mixer, C-MARK network active loudspeaker etc. has built up a full network digital sound system under the same C-MARK brand, replace the imported advanced equipments, realized the industrial transformation and upgrading. 


Meanwhile, Bao Ye Heng Company has entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Republic of China to edit  "Professional Class-D audio amplifier with energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" standard (SJ / T 11560-2015, standards implementation was April 1, 2016), joined in the standard drafting of “General Specification for Active Speaker " (SJ / T 11540-2015) and "General Specification for Audio Power Amplifier" (SJ / T 10406-2015), also entrusted by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of China to edit  "Methods of Measurement for Main Characteristics of Active Loudspeakers in Performing Venues" (WH / T 58-2013), " " Subjective Evaluation Methods for Professional Performance Audio Equipments", "General Specification for Performing Speaker" and other industry standards. Bao Ye Heng Company has made its own contribute to the healthy and standardized development of the pro audio industry.


Bao Ye Heng Company’s network digital audio reinforcement system has been installed in many important events and places such as “2008 Beijing Olypmic games Tennis center”, “The Thirteenth Provincial Games of Guangxi Autonomous Region”, “The Thirteenth Provincial Games of Hubei Province”, “South Asia Summit”, “National Outdoor Television Studio Center in Indonesia”, “Fantawild Theme Park”, “Oriental Painting Theme Park”, “OCT Happy Valley”, “Panama National Cathedral”. C-MARK is widely recognized and trusted by customers and users. 


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