The Yan-an Spirits of New Era, C-MARK Deducted perfectly

2016-07-21 16:47:37
When mentioned Yan-an, the valiantly and spiritedly image of the Red Army soldier who's wearing red octagonal cap and grey uniform will recur to our mind. But now times have passed and circumstances have changed, Yan-an city has totally changed. But now, Yan-an Middle School, who's powered by C-MARK Network Digital Sound System, devote major efforts to promote Yan-an Spirit, feels familiar and kind. 
The school is the first middle school of the Communist Party of China, found in August of 1938, and be listed to the first batch of key middle school. Time has given Yan-an Middle School the spirit of making general reforms and unremitting self-improvement. In recent years, under the direction of strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, Yan-an Middle School keeping pace with the times, innovating with pioneering spirit and win countless praise of all sectors of the community. In this pursuit, Municipal Party committee and school leadership pays great attention to the school facilities. Through careful selection and strict examination, C-MARK Network Digital Sound System becomes their major sound system to take the responsibility of "Educating with Yan-an Spirit" together with teaching staff.
C-MARK Line Array System
So why C-MARK system emerged from numerious competitors and gain their falvor? It's reported that the system has an unique  winning magic. This sound system combined IT and network communication technology, the integrative modules could completely replaced physical devices like Equalizer, Limiter, Signal Distributor, Filter and crossover etc, only a normal CAT5/6 cable fulfill the transmission of the audio signal, the dozens of peripherals and complicated signal line are all the past. It achieves the simple system setup, nondestructive sound, intelligent control and accurate debug, and the promotion of system reliablity and convenient after-sale service. It completely subverts the traditional concept of professional sound reinforcement and application mode. In a word, C-MARK’s network digital sound system surprises professional sound reinforcement field.
CDM24 Digital Mixer
The key product of this system, CDM24 Digital Mixer, has the advantages like networkable, multi-function, operability, cost-efficient and exquisite appearance, and the excellent performance in digital interface, processing and stability.
C-MARK Digital Amplifier has adopted the self-owned intellectual property - Digital Amplification Technology and the Soft SMPS Technology with high efficiency and low interference. Electrostrictive conversion efficiency is up to 90%, more powerful, higher efficiency, better heat dispersion, clearer sound and more beautiful tone. It is maximize the energy savings, and reduce heat and exhaust emissions by more than 70% , it's the model of energy saving and environmental protection.
Gymnasium of Yan-an Middle School
The last part of an endeavor is the hardest to finish. Yan-an Mddle School and C-MARK Audio know it well. We need to make unremitting efforts and constantly strive for perfection, to carry forward the tradition and ensure Red Spirits never fade.



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