Bao Ye Heng Company's two R&D Project been defined by key laboratory of Ministry of Culture

Recently, Bao Ye Heng Company has been informed by the Ministry of Culture that after the Expert evaluation, two R&D project have been defined as their key laboratory project and obtained financial support. These two projects are "Study on Different Protocols Integrated Network Communication Interface Specification" and "Study on Big Data Based Stage Data Processing and Data Driven Mode". They are both established in current Networking and Informationization development trend of stage performance industry, to achieve interconnection between different industry, different system and digfferent protocols. Interface Specification is not only the core technology of Stage System Integration Technology, but also the general technology related to the application of intelligent technology and Internet technology in performance industry, and the key technology of international stage technology convergence.

Bao Ye Heng Company always adhere to the technical innovation road, under the direction of "Survive by Quality, Develop by innovation" ideology, insisted in the R&D and innovation of digital network technology. We are able to provide complete network digital sound system of same brand, including digital mixer, network digital audio transmission processor, network digital amplifier and network digital active speaker, stepped into the leading ranks of digital technology in world pro audio industry.

With Ministry of Culture's support in technical innovation and rocognition in R&D Strength, Bao Ye Heng Company will spare no effort to find the technological path for Art Presentation Industry which includes Stage Performance to realize the mixing development of Cross-Industry, and lay a solid foundation for our participation of international stage technological innovation.



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