Create Brilliant Future with Craftmanship --- An Award Winning Documentary of PALM Beijing Expo 20


Good things come in pairs, PALM Beijing Expo has it's 25th held in 2016, and the show organizer, China Entertainment Technology Association(CETA) has it's 25th anniversary.  The performance of a series of great events has shined the expo.


As the industry dominant agency, CETA has made great contribution to the definite development of the industry over the past 25 years. To review the development history of industry in this period of time, CETA has held the appraisal events of China Entertainment Industry, which has been known as "Oscar Award" to China Entertainment Industry. The result of "Outstanding Contribution Figure Award" and "The Most Valuable Brand Award" has been announce in the ceremony on Sep 1st. Bao Ye Heng Company becomes the notable gainer of winning "Outstanding Contribution Figure Award", "The Most Valuable Brand Award" and "Chinese Brand Theatre Audio Equipment Application Award"



The Most Valuable Brand Award


C-MARK brand has been found in 1993, devoted in technological innovation, fulfilling new mission with practical actions. We've developed our Digital Mixer, AudioNET Network Audio Platform, Digital Amplifier and Network Active Speaker, becomes the first to construct complete network digital sound system of same brand, promoted the industry transformation and upgrading. With our powerful strength in digital technology, our company win the honor to become the Chief Editor of "Professional Class D Amplifier Efficiency Industry Standard"(SJ/T11560-2015, implemented in April 1st of 2016) specified by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, compiler member of "Generic Specifications of Active Loudspeaker"(SJ/T11540-2015) and "Generic Specifications of Audio Power Amplifier"(SJ/T10406-2015) specified by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and compiler member of "Main Characteristics Measuring Methods of Active Loudspeaker for performance venues"(WH/T58-2013), "Subjective Evaluating Methods of Pro Audio Equipments for performance venues" and "Generic Specifications of Loudspeakers for performance venues", made our contribution to the standardization development  of the industry.


Founder and President, Mr. Zhou Baoning wins "Outstanding Contribution Figure Award"




Our president, Mr. Zhou Baoning has served for the performance industry for over 40 years, preserve in manufacturing products and technology with Craftman heart. As an expert entrepreneur with global perspective, he presided over the development of advanced audio equipments like Digital Mixer, AudioNET Network Audio Platform, Digital Amplifier and Network Active Speaker, built complete network digital sound system, realized the replacement of imported high-end entertainment equipments, promoted the transformation and upgrading of industry. The LAVMNET Network System Platform that presided over the development by Mr. Zhou has make a breakthrough by realizing the transmission and controlling of lighting equipment, audio equipment, LED display equipment and stage machinery via only one CAT6 cable, discover a resource sharing, innovation integrating way to the development of entertainment industry.


Chinese Brand Theatre Audio Equipment Application Award


Through the strict testing of National Testing & Inspection Center for Radio & TV Products of China, and the site listening and evaluation of Industry Experts, nine key factors of the C-MARK Network Digital Sound System applied in Cultural Center Theatre of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, including sound transmission gain, transmission frequency characteristic, sound field normniformity (SFN), Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Total Noise Level (TNL) etc., has reached the highest National Prime Standard in all acoustic characteristic standard of performance sound system. It's perfect in sound quality and system innovation.



Cultural Center Theatre of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau


Under the leadership of craftman spirit of our President, Mr, Zhoubaoning, always adhere to the approach of technology and quality basis. After twenty years, we finally finished our complete leading networking and digitalizing technology that features high sound quality, stable & reliable. These awards are the industry's recognition to us.



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